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CHAPTER ONE: LIFE HAS A WAY OF CHANGING (fm:voyeurism, 2880 words)

Author: Hot Rider Picture in profile
Added: Aug 03 2018Views / Reads: 2776 / 2146 [77%]Story vote: 9.55 (55 votes)
Amber is a school teacher who seems to be living the perfect life and then something happens that will change her forever.

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Amber Stevens looked at the man lying beside her in the disheveled bed. She could hear him breathing deeply as his chest rose and fell in a steady rhythm. He was enjoying the deep slumber of a physically exhausted and sexually satisfied man. They had met when he came to her school to instruct a class as part of a teacher in-service program. He had been instantly attracted to her and asked her out. This was their second date, but she had already decided it would be their last.

This was not where Amber had expected to be in her life at the age of 27. Up until a year ago she had led a life that most young women had been raised to typically expect. She had done well in high school and then gone off to college, gotten her degree in secondary education and started teaching high school science. She was attractive and dated a few guys in high school and college. Boys her own age seemed really immature and she had always been attracted to older men. Her parents did not approve so she had to see older guys without them knowing. When Amber was fifteen she thought she was in love and gave her virginity to her twenty-one year-old boyfriend. Like most teenage romances it flowered quickly but didn't last. For three months they had a very active sex life but then drifted apart and broke up.

Amber nursed her broken heart but soon started dating again. With her raven black hair and tight, athletic body she got plenty of attention from boys. She was only average in height, but her round ass and perky 34C breasts drew the eyes of most red blooded men. She dated regularly and most of them were five to ten years older. By the time she finished college she had taken three more lovers. All of them had been steady boyfriends with whom she had developed a relationship before "going all the way" however none of them developed into a deep commitment.

That changed when she met Eric. She was fresh out of college and trying to make it through her first year as a teacher. He was a 31 year old local business man who had started his own company. The attraction between them was instant and they spent the last half of their first date in bed. Almost immediately Amber was head over heels in love. They had a whirlwind romance and got married after only six months.

Eric was very loving and attentive. For four years he was Amber's idea of the perfect husband. He brought her flowers, little unexpected gifts, never forgot an occasion and was an enthusiastic lover. Amber was really happy, but then her whole world fell apart. Eric confessed that he had a lover and was leaving her. What made it even worse was the fact that his lover was another man! Amber was devastated. She spent hours crying and physically let herself go. By the time their divorce was final she didn't look like the attractive woman she had been a few months earlier. Her hair was dull and needed to be styled; she had gained thirty pounds and was no longer the bubbly woman her friends and students knew.

Amber had always been popular but was never an easy target for men. To a certain extent, this changed. Like most recent divorcees, Amber was doubting her sexuality. She went through a series of short, strictly physical relationships including a couple of one night stands. The one constant the men had was the fact that they were men several years older than her. One of them was even fifty. What surprised her was that he was the best lover of them all. He made up for youthful vigor and enthusiasm by demonstrating a sexual skill and knowledge that was beyond anything a man her own age could hope to achieve. They spent several glorious nights in bed. The problem with their relationship was that they had nothing else in common.

Teachers are underpaid and Amber could not financially make it on her own. Megan, one of her friends from college, was teaching kindergarten in a different school district in a neighboring town. Since she was also experiencing financial hardships the two young women decided to move in together and share expenses.

Megan had a gym membership and was in really great shape. She encouraged Amber to go with her to the gym and by the end of the summer Amber had lost the extra pounds she had gained when she let herself go after her divorce. She wasn't really muscular, but her body had good definition with firm thighs and a flat belly. Her breasts were also

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Deep Diver X writes Sun 12 Aug 2018 05:15:

Hope there's a Part 2 soon.


LAPPER 2 (guest) writes Sat 11 Aug 2018 00:28:

Missed you LOTS!
Welcome Back!


Alan007 writes Wed 8 Aug 2018 21:16:

Welcome back Darlin~!


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