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Finding my groove (fm:threesomes, 5529 words) [7/7] show all parts

Author: Kathleen Picture in profile
Added: Aug 05 2018Views / Reads: 1042 / 774 [74%]Part vote: 9.80 (20 votes)
Tom, Janie and I progress even further into a tender loving relationship

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Hi, my name is Kathleen and in case you haven't read the first 6 parts of my story, you need to know that I was very happily married for 15 years until 2 years ago when my husband was killed in a violent car crash. It was then I had a chance meeting with Tom who quickly became my lover and took me down a path of sexual exploration that, to be truthful, I never knew really existed. As I stated in my previous chapters, I was extremely happy with the sex my husband and I had for 15 years. I was completely satisfied even though we never had oral sex, or anything else other than what I would call ‘Plain Jane' sex today that almost always ended up in a missionary position. I got to tell you that ‘Plain Jane' sex was very, very good and even though I never had an orgasm, I was happy and never even thought about cheating on the love of my life.

Then came Tom! His wife, Janie, left him to run off to San Francisco with Marilyn. Tom, Janie, and Marilyn lived together as a threesome for a year before Marilyn got a promotion and Janie followed her to California. Janie still loved Tom and comes back to the Mid-west every so often to see her family and when in town, stays with Tom and sleeps in his bed acting like husband and wife for the two weeks or so she is home. About a week ago, Janie did come home and Tom was truthful enough to me to tell me that he would probably not see me for a while as he was going to live with Janie and, yes, fuck the shit out of her while she was here. She was still his wife and Tom hoped that I would understand and still be there waiting for him after she left. While I only met Tom a couple of weeks before this, I was in love with him and told him I trusted him enough to see and fuck Janie as long as he didn't fuck me over. We agreed and with that he was off to the airport to pick her up.

To make a long story short (you really, really should read the first 6 parts) I waited for two nights (and ended up fucking two black men in my hotel room in a nearby city) and then went to Tom's house to meet Janie. Unexpectedly Janie took me in as she knew about me and Tom and didn't want him to lose me when she left. We became quick friends and I could easily see why Tom wanted to be with her. When Janie and I went shopping together, we went to a lingerie shop (which I later found out Tom owned) and bought matching expensive silk nightgowns and acted like sisters for the remainder of the time she was home.

On the way back to Tom's house, I asked her several questions about her sexuality and her relationship with Tom. Since I just watched and filmed her being fucked up the ass by a "gay" guy while he was being fucked up the ass by the petite Asian manager, Li, of the lingerie shop, she squirmed in her seat a bit as she drove home.

When Tom came home from work, we were ready for him in our matching nightgowns, me in red and Janie in teal. There were long enough to cover our asses but not much more. As Tom went upstairs to shower and change, we ordered sushi and about 10 minutes after Tom came down, the sushi was delivered. Janie met the delivery boy at the door and his eyes went very wide open as he realized that her nightgown, while not see through, left very little to the imagination. Janie ignored his response and paid him for the food with a generous tip. We set the table and escorted Tom over to his chair, a girl on each arm and he knew tonight was going to be special.

Janie adeptly handled the sushi with the chopsticks supplied with the meal and hand fed Tom and herself as I poured the wine and sat back to watch. It was very erotic as she fed him and then leaned in to take some of the sushi back into her mouth. Tom was engrossed with her and I had to do something to remind him that I was there as well. I don't think either one noticed that I disappeared under the table until Tom felt my hand on his crotch. He was only wearing a robe and I quickly found his half erect cock and began sucking on it. After about a minute, Janie noticed that something was distracting Tom and looked under the table. There she found me with about ½ of his now fully erect dick in my mouth and moving slowly back and forth on the phallus. As it turns out cock and sushi go very well together but soon the sushi was forgotten. Janie started kissing Tom full on the mouth and soon her tongue was intertwined with his.

The three of us made it to the living room and the clothes just flew off each of us. Tom was on his back with his dick pointing to the sky and I found my place with my mouth again at the end of his dick. Janie

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Mike writes Sun 5 Aug 2018 16:49:

Looking forward to the next chapter. Great story.



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