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Finding my groove - Epilog (fm:threesomes, 2201 words)

Author: Kathleen Picture in profile
Added: Aug 08 2018Views / Reads: 1418 / 989 [70%]Story vote: 9.81 (27 votes)
This is a short story ending to "Finding my Groove" Not really an ending but a new beginning

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My journey has been a wild one. From conservative wife of 15 years where fucking was called making love and pussy, cock, tits, and ass were vagina, penis, breasts and butt respectively. Where sucking cock and eating pussy were never discussed let alone a girl eating another girl's pussy and sucking on her tits. With all that ‘plain jane' shit, I was very happy with my husband and my sex life. Now over the past three weeks, I have sucked and fucked my new boyfriend, Tom, watched and filmed a three-way with two girls and a guy fucking each other up the ass and even took on two big black guys at once in my hotel room. I have met and fucked Tom's wife, Janie, sucked her pussy and came on her face. Tom caught us and wanted to join, but Janie shut and locked the door as she (well to be truthful, we) wanted to explore our new relationship.

About 1 in the morning, we finally opened the bedroom door but not before we took a shower together and tried on some on my clothes together. I was surprised that Janie who looked much smaller than me, fit most of my clothes. Sure they were a little loose but when it comes to lingerie in particular, loose isn't always a bad thing. I had a closet full of things I hadn't worn in years and since I put on a couple of pounds over the past two years, the older stuff fit her pretty well. I found a white teddy that my husband bought for me for our 10 anniversary and Janie found it. When she put it against herself and stood in front of the mirror, I had some intrepidation as the last time it was worn was when I wore it for my husband. It brought back sad but good memories as I remember modeling it for him before we had one of the best love making sessions of my life (up to that time anyway). But I thought "FUCK IT! THAT WAS THIS, THIS IS NOW!" And with that I helped her try it on. Like Li at the lingerie shop, I became Janie's handmaid. I positioned the teddy above her head and pulled it down into place making sure the straps fit on her shoulders and her breasts were well seated into the bodice. Pulling the teddy down until it hung properly, I knelt before her and reaching between her legs, brought the crotch pieces together and closed the loops that held it in place. I stopped and stared a bit too long at the pussy before me. I had just eaten that cunt several hours ago for the first time and I felt the desire rising to try it again.

"See something you like?" Janie asked. I knew I was caught but when I looked up embarrassed, Janie's smile relieved my fears and as she reached down and tracked her middle finger between her vaginal lips and through the entire length of her pussy before she buried that finger deep in her womanly hole. When she withdrew I took it like a dog grabbing a piece of meat from it's' owner and sucked it in deep into my mouth. Janie laughed at my eagerness and said, "Slow down, girl, you'll get what you want - SOON - VERY SOON!" I took off my short nightgown that I had also worn for my husband and before I could put anything else back on, Janie opened the door and let Tom in. She was dressed in my teddy, but I was completely naked and taken off guard, I instinctively tried to cover my breasts and vagina with my hands which brought a laugh from both of my lovers. Janie reassured me when she said, "Honey you don't have anything we haven't seen before and had a very close examination of even the parts that can't currently see in the detail we like right now!" I knew what she meant and some of those parts responded by starting to open and lubricate in anticipation of being explored again in the detail they wanted.

Tom completely entered the room by now and Janie approached him and wrapped herself around him. "Like my teddy?" she asked as she stood back for him to examine her. On command she twirled and I was a bit jealous. That was my teddy after all and this was my house as well. The girl in me reared its' ugly head and I brought it back under control before things got really ugly. I'm glad I waited because about 3 seconds after my jealous streak was activated, Janie took me by the hand and pulled me over towards her. "And how about this little pixie?" She twirled me as well but I was completely naked so maybe my show was a bit better. I received a wolf whistle from Tom and I curtsied to accept the compliment.

Tom approached me and took me in his arms and started to slow dance with me without the benefit of music. Of course, instead of having his left hand on my waist, it was on my naked butt as he led me in the dance across the room towards the bed. Janie had already beat us there and

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nosympathy writes Sat 11 Aug 2018 10:22:

Great story! Maybe a follow up on their visit to San Francisco?



eddtheduck writes Fri 10 Aug 2018 14:57:

Great end to a fantastic story...smoking!


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