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My Day Without Panties (ff:sex at work, 3064 words)

Author: Lisa
Added: Mar 08 2019Views / Reads: 646 / 547 [85%]Story vote: 9.64 (11 votes)
Being late for work grabbing the wrong skirt and forgetting my panties what a combo

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My Day Without Panties

Hi my name is Kristy I'm 22 and have been blessed with a hot body and pretty face. My breasts are 36D I have a flat tummy and a round yet firm bum. I of course maintain my body I work out keep myself clean as well as shave my tight pussy perfectly bare. I'm going to tell you about my day yesterday. It started out with me waking up late and in a rush to get ready for work. I work in a office down town. I shot up out of bed scrambled for some clothes. I basically grabbed the first thing I could see in my work clothes. A black lace bra a sleeveless blouse stocking and a dress skirt that was shorter then most that I have. I put all that on and totally forgot about panties in my mad rush to get ready and get out the door. The real saving grace was I had a shower the night before so I was a least clean.

I quickly darted into my bathroom and did my make up a little eyeliner and some blush and I was good to go. I rushed into the kitchen and poured myself some coffee into my travel mug. Yet another saving grace auto timer coffee pots. I rushed to my front to door slipped into my heels on and I was out the door and into my car. I drove to work and made it there with only minutes to spare instead of my normal half hour early. As I walk into my office and sat down at my desk I breathed a sigh of relief and started to relax my rushed state. That's when I realized something was off. A few minutes of sitting there it hit me and I looked down at my skirt like I could see through it. I whispered to myself you forgot your panties and your wearing this skirt. As I said earlier this skirt is shorter then most of my work skirt. It's one I had bought for office parties like Christmas Halloween etc.

The skirt basically comes mid thigh and I have to watch how I bend or I end giving a really teasing view. It doesn't show my pussy or anything but it raises just enough to show more then I'd want to in a normal work day. As I was realizing this my boss popped her head in my door and said come to my office in a few you and I need to have a meeting about some documents you filed. I snapped out of starring at my skirt and stammered yes ma'am I be there shortly. She gave me a funny look then shock her head and left my office. I tried to calm myself down after by telling myself just remember the skirt you wearing be mindful of how you bend and everything will be fine. Once I had finished telling myself that a couple of time I felt a little better and smiled like I normally do at work. I got up and left my office heading for my bosses office on the other end of the floor we are on.

Once I was at her office door I knocked and a few seconds later I heard her say come in. I walked into her office and sat down in the office chair across from her and quickly crossed my legs. She turned her attention to me and smiled saying. About these reports as she motioned to her desk that had all my reports for the past two months on it all neatly piled by week. I looked at them and said is there something wrong with them ma'am? She smiled and said oh no there's nothing wrong with them if you remember the office memo from about three weeks ago. The one that stated every two months reports will be reviewed with the office manager and then signed off on by the one who wrote it. I thought about it for a moment then remembered reading the memo in my email as I said ah yes I had forgotten about that. After we dove right in going over each weeks report.

After about a hour of this we had reached the last week. She got up to hand my the stack of paper and as she did her heel snapped and she stumbled over her desk and all the papers went flying. As she got herself back into a sitting position I asked if she was OK and she said she was. She said sorry about that and explained her heel broke right as she got up. I told her there was no need to and that I would I pick up the papers as she took off her heels. I turned around facing the mess of papers on the ground and bend right over and started picking up the reports. By this point I had forgotten about not having panties on and it wasn't till I felt my bosses hand under my skirt and between my legs that I realized it again. The next words out of her mouth were just as I thought. I started to blush right away and froze in shock.

Now my boss is a good looking woman of 35 with a mature but beautiful face her breasts are 34c her tummy not perfectly flat there's a little chubbyness there but not much her bum is nice and round but not big and her pussy is shaved clean. I had always thought she was straight but I was wrong. As I stood there bent over with her hand between my legs and

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