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ENJOYING THE VIEW: CHAPTER 4 (fm:sex with toys, 1858 words) [4/6] show all parts

Author: Hot Rider Picture in profile
Added: Mar 28 2019Views / Reads: 1429 / 1038 [73%]Part vote: 9.74 (34 votes)
My wife and I use a toy to role play her having an encounter with an imaginary lover. (This chapter is hot and sets the stage for chapter 5)

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Please read the previous chapters to fully understand what is happening in the story.

After the night I watched my wife Kelly being fucked by a stranger she met when she went out to a club alone, our sex life was on fire. We woke up each morning and had wild sex before going to work. When we got home each day, we were tearing the clothes off each other as soon as we got in the door. I was walking around all day with a big smile on my face and Kelly was multi-orgasmic and squirting. Life was wonderful.

One night as we were lying in bed, our sweat soaked bodies intertwined as we enjoyed cuddling together after some amazing sex, Kelly brought up something that had been on both of our minds. "Do you want to do it again?"

I looked at her. I could see the excitement flickering in her eyes as I knew she could in mine. "Yes I would."

Kelly reached up and caressed my cheek. "There are some things I want to do differently. I want you to go to the club with me and...." She paused and her eyes searched mine. "You told me that you know that sometimes I need more than one man can give me. I don't want you to just watch. I want you to join us in bed."

This was not something I had expected. "Hmm, the ultimate female fantasy? You want two cocks at the same time?"

Kelly blushed. "I haven't thought about it as being my ultimate fantasy. I've just thought about how two men could give me twice the pleasure."

Reaching into her nightstand, I pulled out her dildo. Lying close beside her I started moving the plastic phallus up and down her inner thighs while I began to role play with her. "Baby your husband is going to love watching what my big dick does to you."

Kelly's eyes lit up when she realized what I was doing. I could see the desire burning in her eyes when she looked at me. "My husband and I have thought of this moment for so long." Lying back on the pillow, Kelly spread her legs and told her imaginary lover, "I want your big cock inside me."

I looked at her pussy. It was already wet, slick, and puffy; gleaming with the glistening evidence of her arousal when I spread her lips with the rounded head. Buck, as she called him, was a very lifelike, molded, rubber dildo. Not counting the part I gripped it was about eight inches long and two inches thick. It was complete with veins bulging out from its surface, a flaring head, a soft surface that covered its rigid core and was realistic in all aspects. I could feel the veins running up towards the head of the dildo as I wrapped my hand around the textured shaft and begin to slowly work the head in and out of her throbbing pink opening.

Her breasts shook as her chest rose and fell with each excited breath. Kelly moaned, "I feel like such a slut doing this." She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, then opened them again and looked at me. Going along with the fantasy she tilted her pussy up to meet the dildo and begged, "Fuck me Buck. Show my husband how hard you can fuck his wife."

As I slowly pumped the plastic phallus deep into her quivering well, Kelly panted in a voice barely above a whisper, "It feels sooo good!"

Just as the last couple of inches disappeared inside her glistening, pink tunnel, her hips jerked and she gasped. I made short, gentle strokes with the dildo in and out of her widely spread pussy and asked, "Are you okay?" Kelly tried to say something but she was panting so hard she was having trouble speaking. She finally nodded hard and finally managed to say, "I'm fine." I kept slowly pushing it in and out of the clasping folds of her pussy as her eyes drifted shut. Her hips began to flex as they moved to meet the penetrating strokes of her plastic lover. After a few moments she opened her eyes and looked at

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