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ENJOYING THE VIEW: CHAPTER 6 (fm:threesomes, 3304 words) [6/6] show all parts

Author: Hot Rider Picture in profile
Added: Apr 11 2019Views / Reads: 1406 / 1018 [72%]Part vote: 9.74 (31 votes)
They get home and Kelly finally gets to have a threesome with her husband. Read chapter 5 first to fully understand what is happening.

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When I pulled in the driveway at home I got out and looked at my wife. She was in the backseat with the man we had just met at the club. Kelly's face was flushed with excitement and I could see the burning lust in her eyes. Traces of his cum were still visible on her chin as she and Glen got out of the car. He didn't even look at me when she took him by the hand and led him to our front door. As I fumbled with the keys to unlock the house, he stood close behind her, his arms reaching around her waist to run his hands up under her top and fondle her breasts while she smiled and ground her ass back against him.

I got the door open and we all went inside. When I locked the door and turned back toward them, Kelly had him by the hand and was leading him to our bedroom. I quickly crossed the living room and hurried down the hall. When I entered our room she was snuggled into his embrace, her breath flowing softly over his skin as she buried her face in the side of his neck while he squeezed and rubbed her ass.

Glen looked at me and grinned. He turned her around to face me and I watched as she leaned back into his chest and smiled. Her eyes locked with mine as her hands slid around behind him and pulled him toward her, grinding her ass against his manhood as she watched for my reaction. Her eyes blazed with excitement when she saw me drop my hand to the large bulge in my jeans and I rubbed my cock. My heart was pounding as I watched my wife begin to completely surrender her body to another man.

Glen reached around her and teased the curves of her breasts, cupping them and testing their firmness. I could tell she wanted more by the way she began arching back and pressing her body against his while she moved her firm butt up and down on his manhood. Even though I had just cum a few minutes before, I could feel my cock stirring in my jeans. My heart was pounding with excitement as the thoughts of what was about to happen drove me mad with excitement.

Sweeping her hair to the side, he slowly kissed the side of her neck. Kelly's eyes drifted half shut as she moaned deeply and her hand slid between them to squeeze the growing hardness of his cock. He sat down on the bed, bringing her with him to sit on his lap. She was still facing me so I had a good view and could enjoy the show. His hand snaked up the side of her shirt, slipping inside to feel her breasts while she stared into my eyes.

Kelly's eyes dropped half shut and she moaned when he found her nipple and started to roll and pinch its diamond hard point. She began to squirm and move on his lap, rubbing her ass against his hardness while she turned her head and accepted his kiss. Watching their tongues dance together while he played with her nipples was driving the heat of my own passion to new heights. The ache in my pants increased as my cock reached full hardness again and throbbed with a desperate need to be released. I rubbed it harder while it strained to spring out of the imprisoning confines of my pants.

He kissed her neck again and she looked at me as he lifted her blouse with one hand and displayed her proud breasts to my hungry stare. Her lips parted and I saw the flash of the tip of her tongue as his other hand slid down over her flat belly and drifted down to the hem of her skirt. I watched the familiar lines of my wife's firm thighs slowly appear as he pulled her skirt up to expose her tiny black panties. I could see her breasts rising and falling rapidly as he pushed them halfway dawn her thighs. The gleaming wetness at the apex of her thighs sparkled in the light as without hesitation her legs opened wider to allow his hand to slide between her legs. She moaned when his fingers easily found the oozing fissure of her lust and he explored her pink folds. As he moved his fingers back and forth inside her flowing well, I watched as my wife pushed her pussy down against his hand and she slowly began to ride it.

Kelly's pussy was now fully open and wet; throbbing with desire as she eagerly met his fingers with hard thrusts of her hips. The room was filled with the wet sounds her gaping pussy was making as her sexual tension mounted higher and higher with each stroke of his hand. My wife was moaning with pleasure, her eyes boring into mine as she rocked back and forth on his hand, fucking his fingers as if they were a hard

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