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THE TRANSFORMATION OF EMILY (fm:first time, 4685 words)

Author: Hot Rider Picture in profile
Added: Apr 13 2019Views / Reads: 2030 / 1678 [83%]Story vote: 9.85 (54 votes)
Emily begins her journey from innocence to a sexually mature woman. (First of several chapters.)

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When I entered the room I found my wife sprawled in exhausted slumber on the rumpled sheets of our bed. Emily's blonde hair encircled her head like a halo as it cascaded over the pillow in golden waves. I looked at her in silent adoration as I admired her beauty. I knew her closed eyelids and long lashes hid soft blue eyes that spoke of an innocence that seemed to draw people to her. When she smiled and laughed, people couldn't help but smile along too. Emily made everyone she met feel as if they had been warmed in the rays of the summer sun, regardless of the season.

My eyes were irresistibly drawn to the curves of her body. I gazed at the mounds of her breasts, soft but at the same time firm, tipped by pink areola the size of quarters which were centered by nipples that would harden into rigid points when aroused. The swell of her hip rose from the flatness of her belly to curve around into the glorious tightness of an ass that would make any Hollywood starlet envious. My eyes drifted over the arc of her cheeks to follow the long firm lines of legs that testified to the almost daily jogs to which Emily was addicted.

My eyes sought the junction of her thighs where her innocent appearance was dispelled by swollen labia and the widely stretched opening to her sweet flower of passion. Streaks of cum adorned her vaginal cleft and ran in streaks down her inner thighs. Her carnal pleasures had clearly been vigorously enjoyed recently and probably by more than one cock.

I sat beside her and caressed her soft skin while my mind drifted back to when we first met.


Emily was the daughter of a Baptist minister. She was raised by strict, religious parents and taught that a good woman saved herself for marriage. She was so indoctrinated in the policy of staying chaste and pure that when, at the age of sixteen, she had her first kiss she was afraid her parents would find out and be upset with her.

Emily was allowed to start dating when she was a Junior in high school. Her parents approved of her first boyfriend who was a member of their church. She and Paul were the same age and attended school together. Like many young people who had been taught physical contact was something you saved for someone you love, they were confused by the emotions they felt when they were together. When their young bodies responded to their burgeoning hormones, and passion bloomed between them, they decided they were in love. They agreed that they should save themselves for marriage, so every date ended with an unrequited passion that was driving their young bodies to the limits of their control.

Emily and Paul dated for almost three years. They graduated high school together and enrolled at the same university so they wouldn't be separated. Emily was very happy and expected them to be married as soon as they graduated from college.

Her innocently blissful happiness was crushed when she was walking home from a study group one night and saw Paul's car parked in a grove of trees at the edge of the campus. Thinking his car had broken down she walked up beside it and looked in the window. Her life was shattered when she saw Paul's naked ass rising and falling between the widely spread legs of another girl. For a few seconds that seemed like hours, she stood frozen in shock, their moans of passion filling the night, as their bodies moved together in carnal rhythm. When she heard their groans of climax as Paul stiffened and emptied his sperm deep inside his lover, Emily's trance was broken. Her scream of despair echoed through the trees as she turned and ran.

Emily cried all night. Paul called, but she refused to talk to him. When she came out of class the next day he tried to talk to her, but she just ignored him and walked away. What was there to say? They had pledged to save themselves for marriage and he had not kept his promise. She never talked to him again.

It took every bit of courage and self control Emily had to finish the

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Marion deSanters writes Sat 20 Apr 2019 17:12:

Starting with a teaser - and then luring the reader into a rather slow and passionate beginning. Lovely to read and letting the mind flow how it all started


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