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An Affair to Remember (fm:interracial, 3091 words)
Author: ThePiggy
Added: Jul 19 2019Views / Reads: 688 / 551 [80%]Story vote: 9.77 (13 votes)
Carole meets Tre and they share an incredible night of passion
the MILF and her son-in-law (fm:one-on-one, 5098 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Jul 18 2019Views / Reads: 1397 / 1290 [92%]Story vote: 9.41 (22 votes)
Having brought up her daughter, Gloria, throughout her teens, her mother, Penelope Goldsmith, had lived a barren life where sex was concerned. Very much despising the cur her daughter married while living under her roof, things changed one fatal Friday.
Michael (fm:older women/men, 1997 words)
Author: enjoyable20 Picture in profile
Added: Jul 17 2019Views / Reads: 880 / 621 [71%]Story vote: 9.68 (22 votes)
Tina and Michael finally meet after many emails, many exchanges. They finally get to live out some of their fantasies.
Christmas in July (fm:one-on-one, 2369 words)
Author: enjoyable20 Picture in profile
Added: Jul 17 2019Views / Reads: 800 / 693 [87%]Story vote: 9.72 (18 votes)
Tina is bored of this Christmas Party in July, she goes to the dock where she meets a handsome man.
Suzi Lee's First Threesome (fm:threesomes, 30787 words)
Author: Bushwhacker716 Picture in profile
Added: Jul 17 2019Views / Reads: 695 / 615 [88%]Story vote: 8.83 (6 votes)
This story is about how my then 19-YO girlfriend and I went about planning her first MFM threesome. This is a long involved story, so its definitely not for those with a short attention span. All parties in the story were 18 or older at the time.
Success and Sex Marry (fm:slut wife, 13909 words)
Author: Ann Stinson Picture in profile
Added: Jul 14 2019Views / Reads: 2120 / 1825 [86%]Story vote: 9.55 (31 votes)
Special opportunity to achieve a goal leads to intense erotic affair and reawakens my steamy past. Includes MF, Oral, Multiple Positions, Group and more...
Revenge is best served tied to a chair eating underwear (fm:slut wife, 53265 words)
Author: Romeo
Added: Jul 13 2019Views / Reads: 1914 / 1721 [90%]Story vote: 9.40 (10 votes)
Young wife comes home early and finds husband fucking another woman through a series of events she extracts revenge on him. Please excuse the double up it seems to have uploaded twice clearly an internet error when uploading
Taken on the cruise (fm:threesomes, 5165 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Jul 11 2019Views / Reads: 2678 / 2152 [80%]Story vote: 9.71 (17 votes)
Towards the end of a week long cruise for their 10th wedding anniversary, Sarah’s husband, Stewart, gets in deep in what started out as a friendly game of cards with two of the ship’s crew. Will he accept their offer to see them and collect a big pot?
Sometimes, Good comes from bad (Part 1) (fm:one-on-one, 7749 words)
Author: Mr. X
Added: Jul 10 2019Views / Reads: 2159 / 1823 [84%]Story vote: 9.71 (34 votes)
Peter let his wife fuck another man, now she owes him and he intends to collect.
Confessions of a Slutty female office worker part 1: Blown interview (fm:threesomes, 2751 words)
Author: lisa1212 Picture in profile
Added: Jul 09 2019Views / Reads: 2460 / 2094 [85%]Story vote: 9.52 (66 votes)
After 6 months of studying for an on-line computer course in Microsoft office, and acing the exams, I attend an interview for an office assistant job vacancy, where I get to demonstrate my experience and dedication, such as it is…!
Cruise Swinging Fun (fm:swingers, 3044 words)
Author: knights03
Added: Jul 04 2019Views / Reads: 2966 / 1999 [67%]Story vote: 8.92 (24 votes)
While on a cruise vacation two fun couples meet and explore each other
Joanne & the three black pipelayers (fm:group, 4577 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Jul 04 2019Views / Reads: 2161 / 1871 [87%]Story vote: 9.68 (19 votes)
On the morning of Joanne’s 34th birthday, her husband, Mark, told her to expect a surprise, before he went off to work. Some while later, after luxuriating in a warm shower and dressed in a bathrobe, Joanne opens her front door to three black pipelayers!
The parent teacher meeting (fm:one-on-one, 2915 words)
Author: enjoyable20 Picture in profile
Added: Jul 01 2019Views / Reads: 3774 / 3016 [80%]Story vote: 9.44 (39 votes)
One of Tina's parents from her classroom, wants to meet following the last report card. It seems weird considering that student is an amazing student. She meets the father anyways and things take a different turn.
The Landlord (fm:one-on-one, 2202 words)
Author: enjoyable20 Picture in profile
Added: Jul 01 2019Views / Reads: 2878 / 2401 [83%]Story vote: 9.69 (29 votes)
Tina has just moved in to a new place. She has never met her landlord officially. She has seen a few pictures, but the minute she meets him, she can't help but being so turned on.
She forced me (fm:cuckold, 558 words)
Author: mikev9359 Picture in profile
Added: Jul 01 2019Views / Reads: 1978 / 21 [1%]Story vote: 9.00 (10 votes)
GF expresses desire for a 3sum, but I misunderstood
The Wrong Reunion (fm:oral sex, 3568 words)
Author: Naughty Miranda is Chrissie Bentley! Picture in profile
Added: Jun 28 2019Views / Reads: 2369 / 1687 [71%]Story vote: 9.64 (28 votes)
A high school sweetheart, a bowl of fruit, a long night ahead of us... what could possibly go wrong?
Prim & Proper JAP (jewish american princess) to slut..... (fm:interracial, 503 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: BeckyMartin
Updated: Jun 29 2019Views / Reads: 1539 / 24 [2%]Story vote: 9.60 (22 votes)
A Prim & Proper Jewish Couple climb the successful ladder to attain luxuries. BUT...….unsatisfied sex life leads them astray. One thing leads to another, trying to please each other, and only gets worse.
Love Thy Neighbours (fm:group, 3543 words)
Author: Big balls Billy
Added: Jun 27 2019Views / Reads: 3628 / 3031 [84%]Story vote: 9.33 (24 votes)
Steve moves into a new house and sets about seducing all of the local talent and turning them into his whores. His new Neighbours Tina and Tom are stuck up little fuckers, Steve decides that his first conquest shall be Tom's wife and his daughter.
Brief encounters: 33> Caught napping by the milf (fm:sex at work, 5191 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Jun 26 2019Views / Reads: 1421 / 1114 [78%]Story vote: 9.70 (10 votes)
When Ginger White turns up at the company her husband runs, she hears him in flagrante with a female colleague. Storming off to his office to confront him later, she happens upon Raymond and Cedric who she catches napping. Cue a cold dish called revenge.
Tell Me What You Want (fm:seduction, 2095 words)
Author: Libertine1965
Added: Jun 24 2019Views / Reads: 2763 / 1927 [70%]Story vote: 9.64 (28 votes)
This could fit into many categories: Seduction, older women/men, cuckold, slut wife, although none of these describe it exactly. It is the simple story of a wife who finally decides to take her husband up on his offer. Hope you enjoy it.
Her powder blue panties (fm:sex at work, 797 words)
Author: juniper
Added: Jun 23 2019Views / Reads: 1987 / 25 [1%]Story vote: 8.83 (18 votes)
A couple rekindle their lost love
Wife's reluctant first threesome (MMF) (fm:threesomes, 3683 words)
Author: easydescent
Added: Jun 23 2019Views / Reads: 3832 / 3047 [80%]Story vote: 9.54 (24 votes)
During in a city break, Charlotte submits to threesome, reluctant at first but enjoys itin the end.
A Different Kind of Tension (fm:threesomes, 4270 words)
Author: Naughty Miranda is Chrissie Bentley! Picture in profile
Added: Jun 22 2019Views / Reads: 2814 / 1958 [70%]Story vote: 9.75 (32 votes)
Some light bondage, heavy cock sucking... oh, there's all sorts of stuff happening here!
Reliving My Younger Days (fm:exhibitionism, 5410 words)
Author: MagpieAmy69
Added: Jun 22 2019Views / Reads: 1482 / 1039 [70%]Story vote: 9.50 (14 votes)
A widow meets an old flame who used to make sexy videos of her.
Meeting New Friends (fm:swingers, 4633 words)
Author: Pegasus4 Picture in profile
Added: Jun 22 2019Views / Reads: 2261 / 1805 [80%]Story vote: 9.70 (20 votes)
Meeting a new couple from a swingers website leads to a very erotic evening

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