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Revenge at the Beachthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:domination, 6740 words)

Author: Hardy
Added: Jun 22 2009Views / Reads: 8578 / 5719 [67%]Story vote: 9.39 (28 votes)
A disgruntled girlfriend lures her sexy boyfriend to a nude gay beach to extract her revenge. He learns to take dicks in his mouth and ass.

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Revenge at the Beach By Hardy © 2009

Synopsis: A disgruntled girlfriend lures her sexy boyfriend to a nude gay beach to extract her revenge. He learns to take dicks in his mouth and ass.

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This is a work of fiction involving male to male sex. If this type of material offends you or you are not of legal age stop reading this now. For the rest of you, I hope that you enjoy this story. Please do not repost this story without my permission. Constructive criticisms, a note to say that you enjoyed (or disliked) this story, and/or suggestions for further stories would be greatly appreciated. Your input helps to encourage me to write more. Please use Eroticstories's e-mail option to send me your comments; at the very least please place your vote for this story.

Remember in the real world, safe sex should be practice at all times.

Just so you know, there is some brief mention of straight sex that is required for the story. Don't worry, details are not giving. Focus is on the gay sex (after all that's why you are reading this story) Now on to the story...

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Revenge at the Beach By Hardy © 2009

John was a handsome stud. He was always good in sports, his favourite begin football and swimming. He also spent a lot of time in the gym on the field or in the pool and had the body to prove it. John also had the most adorable face and his emerald eyes attracted any girl that it had its sights on. Unfortunately John was also very arrogant and thought that because of his good looks, it was his right to treat girls as his plaything. John bedded every girl in his junior high and high schools as well as most girls from the neighboring schools. He was initially very charming and polite but when he got bore of them, he would tossed them aside without a second thought. John did not care about forming a relationship, he just wanted the sex. Even when the

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