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Bi-married mans first time meeting with an online friend. Masculine guy cross dressing, oral, anal, cum

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As I pulled on to the freeway I got to thinking, we had been ‘chat' buddies for a long time before we met. I think that really helped me get to know Tim before we actually got together. I had answered an ad on Craigslist... isn't that just how these things get started?

He had just moved back to the area after living in the sunshine for 10 years. He had left a comfortable existence with a married man ‘taking care of his needs', to come back home to be near family. His ad said he wanted to find a married buddy to help him ‘readjust' to living in the cold. Being the nice neighborly, guy next door type myself, I responded and found we had a lot in common, as far as what we were hoping to find in the vast wasteland that is Craigslist.

Tim was 6' tall very near my 6'2". He tipped the scales at 220 lbs to my 200, so a couple more lbs but nothing really... and when I found out it was mostly hanging between his legs... who am I to complain? Yes the ever lovely 8" thick cut cock... mmmm my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I'm no slouch in the dick dept... my family heritage had done me well, my 7" cut swinging dick was bigger than a lot that I had seen... but wasn't overly thick, which was nice for fucking tight virgin asses.

As the months progressed Tim and I chatted off and on. I wasn't sure I was ever going to meet Tim because our schedules never really seemed to work out. I am married with a family and most of my fun happened during the day... nooners mostly. Tim was living with a friend with a young daughter at home, so most of his ‘free time' was evenings and weekends, when they were away.

As luck would have it this was my ‘lucky' day. The sun was shining on a warm fall Sunday afternoon and people were out raking the leaves in their yards as I drove by on my Harley. There were a few sideways glances, from both men and women, as I went down the street, wondering who I was and why I was in the neighborhood.

I pulled up in front of Tim's house and as he said, he was outside raking in the front yard. He was hotter than his pics... now that doesn't happen too often in the internet world. We greeted each other like old friends, a hardy handshake and the shoulder bump hug.

"Go on in the back door, head down the basement and grab yourself a

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