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The Bitch starring Kathie Lee Giffordthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:other, 1169 words)

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Kathie Lee Gifford catches me jerking off to Suzen Johnson's Playboy photos

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It is a Friday afternoon, and my flight from LA lands at JFK airport in NYC shortly after 5 PM. Everything goes pretty smoothly, I grab my bag and catch a cab. I had been fortunate to have some friends in town that I can stay with over the weekend. The cab driver is asking me which house I should stop at and I point at one particular house. "That one." as I show him the address. He stops in front of the mailbox at one particular residence. On the mailbox there is just one name: "Gifford"

I pay the driver, go to the front door and ring the bell. The door opens and Kathie Lee Gifford is standing in the doorway. "Brad, how are you? It has been a while and it is good to see you." Kathie Lee gives me a hug and invites me in. "Set your bag down over there, you're just in time, we're just starting dinner."

I put down my bag in the living room and go into the dining room. Frank, Kathie Lee and I are having dinner and having a very nice conversation. I notice things are a little tense from time to time as Kathie Lee and Frank would have a few uncomfortable moments. With the problems they've had recently with Frank's affair, it is understandable. I'm surprised they're getting along as well as they are. As the things get later, we adjourn to the living room, drinking wine and continuing our chat. It is late and we should all get to bed. I take my bag up to my room and get ready for bed. Before I put my pajamas on however, I reach into my bag and take it out: the November 1997 issue of Playboy magazine. There she is on the cover: Suzen Johnson. Man, I can see why Frank did it with her. For an older woman, she is so sexy.

I get comfortable on the bed and take out my travel bottle of KY and my travel Kleenex. I get completely naked and neatly fold my clothes and place them on the counter. I get my right palm all lubed up and wrap my right hand around my erect seven inch. Ohhhh it feels good and Suzen looks so good. I bet she knew that men would be jerking themselves off to her pictures when she posed for them. I get into a good rhythm with my masturbation as I get lost in my fantasy. All of a sudden.....

"Brad, here are some towels for.......OH MY GOD! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" While absorbed in my fantasy, I wasn't paying attention and Kathie Lee walked into my room to catch me pleasuring myself to the woman that Frank cheated with. "YOU FUCKING PERVERT!" She grabs the magazine and continues berating me. "HOW DARE YOU BRING THIS SMUT INTO

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