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Diary of a MILF: 16> What friends are forthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:group, 3757 words)

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Dear diary: After my performance, as such, in ‘Later that evening’, when I was pleasurably gangbanged by 10 young men in Angela’s cellar dungeon, she encouraged me to take the next step, and put me in touch with a friend she knew.

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Thursday 19 August: Not bothering to take the DVD recording of my being gangbanged by 10 men with me, I thought very little of it. Then a couple of weeks later Angela called me into her office: "Ah Jane, let me see, how do I put this," she said, as if she had something difficult to broach; I couldn't see any reason for her to fire me.

"That recording I made of you, with Mark and the others," she started to elucidate.

"You haven't lost it? Please God tell me you haven't lost it, Angela," I exclaimed franticly.

"Slow down, Jane, it's nothing like that," she assured me.

"Allright," I said. "For a moment there you had me worried; what if it got out and people saw it," I rejoined.

Just then, her expression changed, becoming one of regret.

"What have you done, Angela?" I asked concernedly.

"It's not as bad as you may think, Jane. Hear me out first, then shout all you want," she said, again trying to calm me down.

"I showed Max some of the film," she started to explain.

"Yeah, so, according to you he's gaye," I said, interrupting her.

"Yeah, that. Anyway, Max knows some people, and he mentioned to them what a natural you are..." she continued.

"You mean porn," I said with a degree of shock.

"If that's how you view your performance, then yes, porn," she concluded.

Only thing was, I didn't view what I did with the 10 men as porn. So, why am I getting my g-string in a twist.

"And," I enquired, in case there was more.

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