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Sisters, Doin it for Themselvesthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:threesomes, 3233 words)

Author: The Seeker
Added: Oct 29 2012Views / Reads: 4687 / 3404 [73%]Story vote: 8.44 (18 votes)
Jilly and Meadow set up an unsuspecting repairman

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I really didn't want to live my life this way, constantly looking over my shoulder or checking out each and every person who makes eye contact with you, wondering if they are going to put an icepick in your eye and not even have one iota of remorse about it.

It really comes down to my inability to keep my penis in my pants. Not that I am a promiscuous man whore per se but my dick has gotten me into more jams in my life when my little head thinks before my big head does.

Check that, reacts before my brain engages the common sense genome which could have kept me out having to live my life in a witness protection program with no contact with my family or friends for like forever, or so they keep tellin me.

At least I get to live my life in fabulous Homer, Alaska. Yeah for a city boy like me, Homer isn't the end of the world.....but if you get up on your tiptoes you can see it from here

But I digress...Here is my story.

By day I had a job working for my dad's friend in his hvac business. and at night I was living the single life in NYC doing some nightclub work, some bartending but mostly security, ie: bouncing.

It was a great job for a single male for all the right reasons sex and [censored] and rock and roll. A disposible income allowed me to meet, date and literally seduce some of the finest women NYC had to offer up.

Night Club owners didn't care if you got your dick sucked in a back hall in their club by some piece of fluff as long as their place didn't get broken up or robbed but that job didn't get me into my current state of mess.

I was working my day job on Wednesday in November and I was sent to an exclusive address in Tribeca on Washington street. I was told to fix the furnace that was down and be discreet about it as it was a very important customer.

I got there around noon and was shown the equipment room by some servant

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