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Personal Professionals Vol. 1: My Very Happy Mealthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:sex at work, 2767 words) [1/5]

Author: Belthazor Picture in profile
Added: Nov 11 2012Views / Reads: 4338 / 3142 [72%]Part vote: 9.03 (33 votes)
I go to visit my best friend at work and things get a bit... heated.

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I've known my best friend for so long, I'm not even sure of when we met. All I know is that back then, I didn't even like girls yet. But she changed all that without trying. She was kind to me when no one else at school was. Oddly enough, I was the guy who became interested in a girl's personality before I was even interested with their bodies. But enough of that. We've been friends ever since, even after my unrequited love faded. And she's grown more beautiful every day since. I'll describe her for you then, shall I? She's about 5'4", with long brunette hair so dark it's almost black. Beautiful green eyes with slight flecks of gold throughout. Lips so soft it should be a crime and tits that she says are double-D's, but seem even bigger in my opinion.

Any who, she's a manager at a McDonald's whose location will not be disclosed. I happened to be in town one evening and decided I wanted to visit her and her girlfriend/fiancé (another good friend of mine and incredibly hot). It was late, however, and I figured they'd already be asleep. So I stopped off at McDonald's for a late night snack,quickly discovering that I'd picked her store without trying. I saw her giving out orders, doing her thing, and I had to smile.

"Hey, Megatron." I said to her back as I reached the counter, using a silly nickname I called her from time to time. I laughed at her expression when she turned around and saw me there. So, being me, I struck a silly pose with an eyebrow cocked and a hand on my chin.

"See somethin' you like?", I teased.

"Oh, yeah, lemme' tell you," she teased back. We played like this a lot. She pretending to flirt with me, and me hamming it up. We always seemed to get a kick out of it. "So, what're you doing here?" she asked, bringing me back to reality.

"I was in town and figured I'd come see my favorite girls." I reply. "Though I happened to pick this McDonald's by a mere coincidence. When do you get off?" I asked before adding cheekily "...of work?" with a wink.

She chuckled and started to say, "Actually, I get done here in a few-" she started to say before another manager walked up to her and pulled her aside, saying something I couldn't quite hear. A moment later, Meg

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