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Young man becomes the boy-toy of his best-friend's cousin.this story is part of the FanClub (fm:older women/men, 5036 words)

Author: Turkey Butt
Added: Nov 21 2012Views / Reads: 6263 / 4285 [68%]Story vote: 9.00 (45 votes)
Teasing my best friend's single-mother cousin leads to some awesome sexual adventures, and a lot of learning in the process!

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Corrine and I lay still for a moment, our breath coming hard and a fresh load of cum dripping off by lower belly onto her sheets. She toyed playfully with my shrinking cock, scraping her long nails from my balls to the tip of my dick.

"It's always nice to get a piece of the rock," she said, giggling. I wiped a drop of cum off her cheek and joined her in a giggle.

"You're a girl who keeps her promises. I like that in a girl," I said.

"And you're a guy who earns his keep," she said. At 27 years of age, Corrine had almost 10 years on me. She was a single Mom, a cousin of my best friend. And she had just given me the best blow job I'd ever had in my young life, on the bed in her new apartment. We had been "friends with benefits" for about three months, but this was the first time she sucked me all the way off. It was a payment for me learning "the right way to eat pussy," as she stated it. We were in the middle of what would be an 18-month boodie call. The experienced suburban Mom and her teenaged boy-toy.

Corrine had divorced her sailor husband more than a year ago. Chris had come out of the closet at the end of his enlistment, admitting he was gay. "Guess that explains why he always wanted to ass-fuck me," she told me after several beers in the summer of 1977. She had come to live down the street from me, staying with my best friend's family for a while as she saved enough money to get an apartment of her own.

Every day I would get off work and head to Doug's house to hook up and go get high. Corrine would be there, and we'd gently banter back and forth. I had just had a dramatic break-up with my high-school girlfriend. I was used to getting sex every day, and now it wasn't happening. I was horny as hell. Every afternoon I offered to wash Corrine's back in the shower. "Come on, Corrine, let me wash your back. Let's take a shower," I routinely teased.

She always smiled and declined the offer, telling me I was too young for her. Corrine was not a great looking gal - she was a fixer-upper. Skinny, tall, extremely bucktoothed, but with a nice set of tits and a pretty smile - when she didn't show her teeth. (Doug and I secretly called her "bucky" behind her back.) We also speculated about her sex

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