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Going wild in the wildernessthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:exhibitionism, 2422 words)

Author: hotnwet91
Added: Nov 25 2012Views / Reads: 5627 / 4039 [72%]Story vote: 9.03 (34 votes)
Ten students go camping. Let me help you pitch a tent ;)

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When I was in college I went camping with a group of friends, we drove out to a small cove with a small beach between two tall hills in our big four wheel drives. It was a beautiful spot, the sun was setting over the ocean as we arrived late in the afternoon so we had to set up quickly. There were ten of us so we had the tents set up pretty quickly and some of the boys got a fire going, I was just starting to get dinner going when Chris ran through the campsite completely naked, his junk bounced wildly as he ran between the tents towards the water.

"Come on in guys!" he called as he splashed around, waist deep. Sandy immediately lifted her top over her head and dropped her shorts revealing a very sexy black bikini and Jason also threw his shirt on the ground but kept his board shorts on, as they ran down the sand Chris called back "That doesn't seem fair!" with a pout.

Jas and Sandy ignored Chris as they lowered themselves into the water, it looked so relaxing floating in the calm ocean under the sunset, everyone was stretching out now, Kirsty had laid out a towel on the sand and some of the guys were copying her nearby. I was having a good perve as I oiled the camp oven for our roast.

The leg of lamb one of the boys had bought for dinner was so big I barely fit in the oven and I had to use a second pot for the veges, by now my hands were covered in oil and spices. I had brought my own homemade oil for doing the roasts, it had ginger and garlic in it and it smelled so good I couldn't resist licking my fingers.

"Mmm, that smells good." Jason said as he walked past to find a towel, his tanned body was muscly and dripping, I blushed as he caught me looking.

"Want a taste?" I held out my fingers, his big brown eyes looked up at mine as his tongue flicked over my fingertips and I smiled. This was going to a week to remember.

"How's the water Chris?" Kirsty asked from her towel.

"Lovely!" he called back. The sun was now so low that I could only make out his broad silhouette against the red-gold water. "Come on in!"

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