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Story of meeting Becky, my current significant other. My profile pic is actually her ass rather than Jenn's.

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As I sat at the gate waiting on Becky to arrive, I was unsure whether to think that things were moving very fast or agonizingly slow. We had met a month and a half ago and had only kissed once. Of course we had not seen each other in the last 6 weeks. Now both of us were looking forward to having sex for the first time. I had arrived at the Ft Lauderdale airport 3 hours ago, picked up the rental car and headed to the Miami airport to wait for the arrival of Becky.

We first met when Becky was visiting my neighbor, Laura. She had been staying with Laura, while she was in town on business. She had worked at the local branch previously, but had been transferred to Ohio about 5 years ago. It had become tradition for Laura and I to go have a few drinks for happy hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I was more than willing to have Becky to join us for that week's events. I found her to be extremely sexy and be nearly perfect physically for my tastes. I have always loved short athletic women and she fit the bill perfectly. At 5' 1" she was over a foot shorter than me, with toned, muscular legs. Those legs led to a perfect, upside-down heart-shaped ass, and on up to broad shoulders, framing a set of perky B cup titties.

The conversation flowed as easily as the drinks while the three of us talked about kids, work, and ex's. On several occasions I found myself drifting off in thought about how wonderful it would be to get to spend some alone time with this little blond nymph. I wondered if the girls noticed anything, or if they just figured that the conversation had drifted away from my interests. Maybe my poor hearing was actually an advantage in this situation. Often, I would use it as an excuse for losing track of a discussion amongst the noise, and most of the time it was true. On these nights, it was my fantasies that had me drifting away.

On one occasion, I was giving Becky a shoulder massage when she asked, "What do you think, Erik?" as she spun slightly under my touch. I had been stuck in one of my fantasies when she asked, and Becky must have seen in my face that I was clueless when she clarified, "Laura and I were just discussing how hard it is to get back into dating after being out of the game for so long."

Maybe I should explain at this point that all three of us were separated and in the middle of divorces. Laura's was probably the deepest wound,

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