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The maid meets my visitorsthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:voyeurism, 1376 words)

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My friend's wife gets a treat

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My Friends Meet the Cleaning Lady

The cleaning ladies, Maria and Rosa, with whom I had had great fun in my previous stories had settled into a routine over the last visits and the routine that they settled into did not seem to include wild and crazy sex with me. I didn't get the feeling that they had any regrets, it just seemed that their schedule didn't always coincide with my work schedule and also, they had been wither coming together or with another member of their cleaning service.

While I would have liked to have had another wild ride with either one of them, I felt that is I were to bide my time that things would spice up again.

I knew that young Rosa knew that I had been with her boss Maria. I had seen her watching as I had bent her boss over my bathroom sink and fucked her proper.

I was not quite so sure about Maria. If she knew that on one of Rosa's solo visits we had decided to introduce ourselves to great sex, she displayed no signs of either anger or jealousy. Time would tell I was sure.

In the meantime, life goes on. Work kept me busy most every day and I was still spending quite a bit of time with Jeanne. We had met several months ago and our relationship had progressed to the point where although we were not in a "committed relationship", we spent quite a bit of time naked together and were moving along quite nicely.

My friends Sharon and David had come to visit. David and I had been roommates and best friends in collage and although he had found it necessary to move to the big city for his career, we still were very close.

He and Sharon had been married for about eight or nine years. I met her at their wedding as I was the best man. Sharon and I hit it off at the start. Number one, she made David happy. Number two, she was one good looking woman. Over the years we got to know each other quite well and either I visited them or they came here at least twice a year.

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