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The Office Partythis story is part of the FanClub (fm:sex at work, 2106 words) [1/2]

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Who looks forward to them... she sure didn't.

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It's the festive season and I am looking forward to it. Honestly, I am, it's just that I dread just one day in particular. If girls are honest I can just bet that at least a few will agree with me about that particular day.

The Office Party.

Now tell me I'm wrong. No?

Yeah, okay, some are happy to get their ass slapped and their boobies poked, prodded and squeezed in the name of "fun". Guys don't seem to realise how cheap it can make you feel. They think a nip of your bum and your knickers are instantly wet and you are gagging to have them get you alone and... yeah, well, it's true... they want in your pants and more if you are "easy" enough. How can mistletoe be so misused as a ploy for what is really sexual abuse?

Of course I'll dress up for the occasion. I am not having whispers in the office in the cold light of a New Year claiming that "she didn't make the effort" or "she has let herself go" or "well... she is ‘mature' and ‘married', no point in her trying, no man would be interested".

Listen, I am still attractive, I still pull admiring glances and my hubby, bless him, still likes a bit of "rumpy-pumpy", just not as often now as when we were young but that's normal, isn't it?

I am being honest here so I have to say that even when Seb, my husband gets amorous, sometimes I feign a headache or tell him I am on my cycle, because I think about what will happen, you know - one or two kisses, a poke and a squeeze of my boobs and that is all the foreplay I am likely to get. Of course I am then invariably ‘dry' and Seb asks if anything is wrong. It's embarrassing! And frustrating! I mean, has he forgotten that I prefer to be naked? It's just laziness or something just pulling up my nightdress.

I then have to make a great act of complimenting him on the glory of his cock and how I really would die if I didn't suck it. His PJ's don't help with that. So as I make lots of noise sucking his dick my hand is working feverishly at my pussy in a desperate attempt to get some

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