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Their first time swinging at both scored high - but there is a problem. Emily sought to solve it and made a discovery.

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A Problem

Emily pulled him closer, her legs squeezed his body, she was close, very close now and he showed no sign of flagging.

She didn't know it and really didn't care what his name was and strangely she hadn't particularly fancied him but the man she wanted was taken so she was prepared to wait until he was free.

This man, between her gripping thighs, knew what a woman wanted. He had brought her to the brink more than once within a short time. His technique with tongue at her pussy was like none she had experienced. Oh, he did what her husband always did, and John was good, she had no complaints at all.

But... well all Emily knew was that all the usual sensations brought on over a period of her husband making love to her had arrived and had been compressed to such a short period that, without further warning she had climaxed almost spontaneously.

Not daring to hope for more and not wanting to be deprived of the ultimate climax with her overheated and truly lubricated pussy filled with what, as yet, she had not been allowed to even touch, the man had as a pussy-filler, she insisted that, as she growled at him, "fuck me brute". If another self-gratifying release was her aim, her intention, then this man was in no hurry to allow it. Despite her wiles to out fox him by feigning boredom, tiredness, and any other pretence, he seemed to know and brought her to the cusp of an orgasm only to ease the rate that his pumping his cock traveled to her depths then all but empty her. No begging or threat impressed him. His response was to concentrate his attack on her body, kissing her mouth, engaging her tongue in a way that she was unable to resist or brush aside in her thoughts, concentrating then on her breasts, knowing just how to massage them and how to bring almost painful pleasure to her nipples.

So now, Emily pulled his body closer, her legs squeezed his body, she was close, very close now and he would not get away, she needed to feel his hot seed filling her and this very second she would succeed.

As a pent-up yell of exquisite pleasure was upon her Emily was aware

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