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Author: Just Plain Bob
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As was my habit I stopped in at the "B" for my breakfast on my way home from my shift at the airport. It had been a hard night for me. I had to do a double brake change on a Boeing 727 and those suckers are heavy. I had to do them without the assistance of the dolly that we usually use because it was broken - both of them! Luckily I was in good shape thanks to daily visits to the gym and a three to five mile run every night so I was able to horse them into place without two much strain.

The tires and wheels weren't all that light either. Normally I would have had help, but because of one man being on vacation, two calling in sick and no one on swing shift accepting the overtime we were very short handed. As it was I had to work overtime in the morning to get the last of the overnight service checks out on time.

I was a little ‘pooped' when I sat down in my favorite booth at the B&B Café. Mary brought me my coffee and I flirted with her as she took my order. I ordered the special for the day - two eggs, corned beef hash, hash browns and toast. As I ate I noticed a couple with two kids at a table near the front of the room. I noticed them because the man was being quite loud and was waving his arms and hands around as if he were trying to drive home some point or other. Then he got up from the table and stormed out of the place.

Gwen, who was the hostess that day, came by twice and refilled my coffee cup and I flirted with her even though she was five months pregnant. I told her she should run away with me and that she looked sexier pregnant than a lot of women that I knew who weren't and that got me a smile. The poor kid needed cheering up. The asshole who got her pregnant was in the wind as soon as she let him know he was about to be a daddy. I wasn't lying. She was sexy looking and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't take her up on it if she were to say:

"You think I'm sexy? Prove it. I get off at three."

In fact that were seven girls who worked the various shifts at the "B" and I flirted with and wouldn't say no to any of them.

I was at the register paying my tab when Mary came up to Shirley, who was the manager and who was in the process of taking my money, and

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