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Ellen and Connie get their husbands sexy new swim trunks, but the suits don’t stay on long.

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After finishing his golf match, Hal Williams showered and donned a swim suit to meet his wife Ellen at the club pool. He stopped on the way when he saw her sitting with her friend Connie. As he looked at the two women he thought about how, even after twenty-seven years, Ellen was still his trophy wife. The modest suit required by club rules just accented her slender build and shapely runner's legs. Even though he'd preferred her hair longer, he had to admit that the short, curly cut she had gotten made her look years younger. He was proud to have a wife as attractive as Ellen. Connie had her own attractions. Looking at her, Hal had only one thought. "Great rack!"

Ellen got to the club early to meet Hal so she sat by the pool and ordered a vodka tonic while she waited. As she sipped her drink Connie Gannon sat down at the next table. She had met Connie and her husband at a wine tasting party the club had sponsored a few months earlier. Although they weren't well acquainted, she liked the woman. The two of them were about the same age and each couple's youngest child had recently moved out. "So, how are you two enjoying your empty nest now?" Connie asked.

"Loving it. How ‘bout you?"

"Us too. I'd forgotten how much fun just being a two-some could be. It's great having the house to ourselves. We can do what we want, when we want and where we want."

"And as often as we want," Ellen added with a smile.

"As often as we can, that's for sure," Connie said, said, knowing they weren't talking about playing cribbage. "Bobby can't seem to get enough - and that's fine with me."

"Me too," Ellen agreed. Connie joined her and they both ordered another drink. As the two women sat and talked they discovered they had similar interests and both had a slightly off color sense of humor. If anything, Connie was even less inhibited than Ellen. As they were finishing the second drink Connie had Ellen in stitches with a story about the afternoon Bobby came home and caught her in her underwear. He chased her around the house until she let him catch her in the basement where he bent her over the pool table and "gave it to me good.

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