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Added: Jan 11 2013Views / Reads: 3416 / 2396 [70%]Story vote: 9.20 (15 votes)
Dinah hated book signings. Kay her agent had arranged and extra too.

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"Oh Kay, do I really have to? You know how I hate them."

Kay is my literary agent, mentor and good friend. She knows how I dislike attending book signings but points out that a good - she stresses the word - author takes every opportunity to expose herself to her buying public. The latter part of that statement was to hit home sooner than she had envisaged and in a way that neither of us could have feared or dreamed.

"Don't argue, you know that I'm always looking after your interests."

"More like the huge commissions I let you steal from me", I whined. That got me a smack on my bare butt as I scuttled off to the shower.

Kay joined me in the bathroom to reinforce her message that any and all publicity helps a "struggling" author. I held up my fist to her through the misty glass of the cubicle and tipped my butt at her.

"Prepare yourself for a surprise Dinah..." she waited for me to stop flailing my towel around as I dried my back. I said nothing but raised an eyebrow, a signal she knew meant ‘don't push me girlfriend'. Kay giggled but stepped out of range of the bath towel. "Then I won't tell you." She prepared her escape just in case.

"Give it up, madam literary agent or..." I raised the towel and struck what I thought to be an Amazonian aggressive pose. She just giggled again.

I was on her in a flash hugging her to my wet body.

"Stop it you stupid mare, I have an appointment in half an hour and you'll ruin my suit", Kay yelled then screamed as I tickled her. I swear there is more than a little lesbian in her.

I wasn't surprised, I was shocked. Kay, my usually anonymous agent proposed to come with me to the signing! Why? There was definitely something she was not telling me.

Next day I was up early, nervous, on edge, worrying, wondering if I could cancel the signing.

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