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Crystal Peaksthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:other, 13311 words) [1/3]

Author: dubd
Added: Feb 19 2013Views / Reads: 3614 / 2313 [64%]Part vote: 9.45 (20 votes)
Maggie Carlile is back and on another road trip. This time with a co-worker who needs a change of pace. Under "other" because it could fit several categories. Includes FF and MF in this installment.

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Crystal Peaks

Maggie Carlisle worked in her kitchen, putting the finishing touches on the salads, while Brandon Watson sat in the living room of her Malibu apartment - near, but not on the beach - with a remote in his hand, surfing channels. She had met him four years previously on her memorable trip out west from New York. Memorable for the desperate straits that she'd found herself in and the knight in a shining Freightliner - well, brown and covered in road dust but that mattered not at all - that had come to her rescue and had also become her opportunity to explore her wild side. That was a side of herself that she'd never acknowledged before meeting Brandon and was surprised to find that she really liked the darker side of her own personality. And Brandon being a truck driver was a perfect governor on her slutty side, being gone three or four weeks at a time and then coming to town for two or three days. During those encounters, clothing generally only made it out of the closet, or his duffle bag, if they were going out of the house for some reason, which was rare. Even now, she was wearing only an apron and that only because the cutlets tended to spatter when they first touched hot oil for a quick pan fry.

She smiled to herself, remembering that tumultuous first trip. No money, short on gas, she thought to debase herself just enough to get enough money to make it to L.A. She had been the anchor of a morning news show on a local network in New York when her jealous husband, Neil, had tried to kill her because he thought she had been cheating by burning their house down with her in it. He went to jail and she had quit her job, packing as much as she could into her mustang and heading west. He had only been convicted of attempted murder, after all, and she wasn't going to give him the chance to finish the job when he got out. Neil, if anything, was a sadistic son of a bitch and she knew that he would do whatever it took to get out for another crack at her. During the trial, and recovery from injuries she received in the fire, she'd made discreet enquiries with a Californian head hunter and found a job with a small L.A. station as a producer. Her lawyers and the medical bills ate all of her savings but she'd thought that a week on the road and she'd be rolling into L.A. ready to start a new anonymous life, safe from the threat of Neil's retribution.

Gas, food and lodging proved more expensive than she'd thought, though,

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