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Neighborhood Watch - The Pool Partythis story is part of the FanClub (fm:group, 7285 words)

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Have a party to open up the pool, and end up opening up to having some fun with a new neighbor.

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Looking back, it is kind of tough to believe that more had not happened in the three months since the cameras were installed in our houses. A lot had gone on, but other than the initial time with all of us together and the one time where we swapped wives, everything had been with our respective partners.

Of course the weather could have been better, and Carmen and I had been very busy working these last few months. It seemed that there had been an endless number of people who were using their tax returns for new entertainment and security systems. There had even been a few houses that we had installed the BluRay players with the cameras like we installed in Chris and Samantha's house as well as our own, but naturally these were not linked together like ours were.

The weather had been getting better and better, however, and this weekend was supposed to be exceptionally nice. That worked out well since Carmen and I were taking our first Saturday off in a while to have a party and open up our pool. We had invited several of the families from around the neighborhood, and I was grateful that Chris and Samantha had agreed to help with everything.


The afternoon had been a splendid success. Chris had run the grill for most of the day, so I was able to socialize and just play host to our neighbors. There had been fewer kids than I expected (I guess since we do not have kids yet, the pool had not been as big a draw as friends), but the ones that had shown up had been remarkably well behaved. Other than Mark throwing his wife in fully clothed there hadn't been any issues at all, and they did make up as she dripped dry with a Margarita that he made her.

Nearly everyone had left, with the only straggler being Cindy, a divorcee who lived around the corner. As I grabbed a beer out of the cooler, I noticed that there was even more now than we had started with. We really do have great neighbors. More people had left their extra beer than had drank ours. That coupled with the fact that I had been given about $50 from people even though I had tried to politely decline, meant that the party had been at very little expense.

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