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He Wanted Her Before The Wedding Day!this story is part of the FanClub (fm:seduction, 1961 words) [1/2]

Author: 1stexhub
Added: Feb 27 2013Views / Reads: 3965 / 2626 [66%]Part vote: 8.69 (26 votes)
Young 19 yo engaged woman finds a new job before the wedding and becomes the desire of a co worker!

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Gina sat in the leather chair squirming out of nervousness at from the questions the two men were asking her during the job interview, unaware to her was the slightly short dress had ridden up quite high from all her movements. The older man Brad was the regional mgr and Jorge was the store mgr both were aware of the long legged young womans exposure and were taking their time with the interview. Brad finally said he had asked all the questions he needed to and was going to head out, telling Jorge you finish up the interview and I will leave the decision up to you and he left. Jorge was a 28 yo hispanic that had moved to the US when he was a boy and had been lucky to find this department store that allowed him to move up and finally manage a store himself. He had interviewed and hired women before but this girl caught his attention the first day she asked for an application and he had already decided to hire her but once he saw how sexy she looked in that navy dress and heels he was in no hurry. Now since Brad was gone he could ask a few more questions of a personal nature knowing the young sexy girl really wanted the job and wouldnt resist answering. Gina sat there crossing her legs again out of being nervous so intent on answering thequestions she had no idea how much leg she was showing and being 5-10 there was a lot of leg to show. Jorge was now sitting in a chair across from her forcing the dark blonde girl to turn her body toward him making the dress ride higher and once again she crossed her legs almost revealing her crotch. He asked her some more meaningless questions but entailed little about her personal life every so often uncrossing and crossing her legs until her dress could no longer hide her pantyhose covered crotch. He asked the questions almost soon as she answered making her focus on him and not how she looked he wanted to find out if she was sexually active and was working her that way. Jorge asked her if she was planning on having a family soon and she said no they wanted to wait he said point blank are you using birth control and Gina without thinking said I am taking bc pills. He smiled and said thats good she was slightly embarrassed revealing that but he seemed ok not condemning of it yet he now knew she was screwing her hubby to be. This made the young girl relax which allowed her thighs to open up revealing not only her crotch but her lack of panties under the hose he saw the pubic hair pressed to her inner legs. Through rest the interview she sat there showing him her crotch and he could make the outline of her pussy lips through the sheer material. Jorge found out that she was moving into her fiancee's apartment after the wedding in a couple months and it was in the same complex as his, he asked the young girl the address so they

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