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Author: jwdoney
Added: Mar 27 2013Views / Reads: 3493 / 2189 [63%]Part vote: 9.29 (31 votes)
An erotic romp with a hunky guy who works as a PA for a sexy business owner. Lots of tease, nudity and sex at work as well as many of my stripped in public scenarios to come! Feedback and ideas are appreciated.

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Some of my stories are true, others are not, a few are based off ideas I get while watching TV/movies, reading, out in public... who knows what inspires me and whether I thing to write my ideas down. This story is based loosely on an erotic graphic novel I read recently, a couple of porn clips I saw and really a mish-mash of thoughts and ideas.

As always any person, place, product or event mentioned is coincidental or unintentional and without permission or endorsement.

I knew when I applied for this job it would be challenging but the money and benefits were so good that any doubts I had were initially secondary. The salary is great, a company car and expenses are nice, and being around beautiful half naked women all day is beyond awesome but the best perk is every minute I can be near, around or close to Tanya, my sexy boss. Tanya is possibly the hottest, best looking woman I have ever met, seen or known and while she looks almost exactly like porn model/actress Jessica Jaymes I have to say she is actually better looking as hard as that is to believe. My title was personal assistant but I was expected to do financial work, assist in interviewing and hiring, deal with clients, manufacturers and seemed like a whole list of other duties. As Tanya put it I was expected to travel with her, assist her and just meet her needs when and where she had them. The upside of course was the credit cards, spending account, company car, smartphone, and so on while the downside was... well... you're about to see.

As I mentioned Tanya is a hot as rocks knockout that is not afraid to dress sexy, speak her mind or kick ass and she expects loyalty without delay. On my first day I saw her fire someone for being rude to the sandwich cart guy and then she added $100 to the check for office lunch. I have also seen her give a $3000 dress to a model for making it look good during a fashion show that got her a contract. Tall, slim and sexy, Tanya has an amazing figure, beautiful long black hair, gorgeous smile and big bountiful breasts that are the center of every outfit she wears as she knows she has everyone's eye. At 30 she still looks 20 and has the body every man wants to see, touch, be near and I suffer from that greatly as the more time I spend around her, the more comfortable and friendly she gets with me, the more I just want to have her. Not to get ahead of myself but in just a few weeks' time I have been with Tanya here and there where she has had as little as a towel or skimpy

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