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Teen sex, I fuck my girlfriend's twin, and then her.

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Buy One, Get One Free One of my SEX IN THE 70's SERIES. Life was so much simpler then, etc etc. Sex grew on trees. Post pill, before AIDS, what was there to stop us?

My first fuck was when I was at school, I won't year or date it, but It was a one off, and after that I left school and started work, and I didn't get any more sex for three whole years. Bu when I did. ..... jees, her is the story. On a night out from work I met Sue. I was 18 she was 19, but she seemed quantum leaps older than me because she had a two year old daughter. She'd got pregnant at 16, married the guy (Steve) and had Yvonne at 17. By 19 she was divorced and living with her parents and her twin sister Margaret. She knew I was single and well..... desparate. I'd asked out all the girls I knew, and all they knew if I was getting to them late in the day I was scraping the barrel, and so it was a no. We snogged on the dance floor, a kiss the like of which I had never known. Like a porn star. She was only about 4 foot 10 to my 5' 8". As she lived twenty miles away on the opposite side of Birmingham, and neither of us drove it was difficult to find the oppornity to fuck. We were getting very desparate. At a mutual friend's party we'd managed to "heavy pet" we didn't seem to quite get the privacy to fuck. After I'd coaxd her breasts out of her dress (on average she would only be wearing 4 items of clothing, and that is counting shoes as two of them) My hands found their way up her dress and into her knickers, her brimming wet and strongly scented cunt was invaded by my finger and she was mercilessly wanked off. The grunting and groaning should have been enough to get the police called, but it was masked by the good old thud of disco. We finally ran out of patience at a bus stop by Birmingham Odeon, and we took ourselves to a secluded fire escape. She put her knickers in her handbag, and I opened my trousers, and she sat on my lap, as she was the one who knew what she was doing. What I didn't know at the time was how experienced she was, she kept her light firmly under a bushel for several months so as not to scare me off. She came noisily and juicily, chewing my neck, I failed to come, as I had with the schoolgirl.

The main part of the story, and the reason for the title comes here. I was a Birmingham City fan, the soccer team. They would play at home every other Saturday. Sue's sister Margaret had a boyfriend Rob, who was a fan of arch rivals Aston Villa. The two teams would never play at home on the same day, because of huge violence erupting between

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