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Author: Daniele
Added: Apr 18 2013Views / Reads: 3094 / 2137 [69%]Story vote: 9.57 (30 votes)
Just another day of lunch in the park or was it? Will my wildest fantasy come true?

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She pulled into the park and drove down the skinny windy road, just like she had done two or three times a week for the last year or so. She loved spending her lunch here, especially in the spring when there were so many birds flying around and swimming in the lake. She also had hopes of getting another show again today. Driving down that road always reminded her of the first time she got to see the "show" from her car. A few months ago she couldn't find a spot to park along the lake, which is where most people would park to eat their lunch. That day she had to park in one of the small parking lots up the hill from the lake. The parking lot is really intended for people using the shelter or the small playground next to the shelter. There were rarely ever any cars parked in it, because of all the spots right next to the water, which provided a much better view of the water and the birds. Since she had to use the small parking lot, she choose the spot closest to the lake. She was eating her lunch and enjoying the view as best as she could when she happened to look at the grey truck parked down the hill between her and the water.

She hadn't noticed the truck before, and wasn't even sure if it was there when she parked or not. What she did notice right away was that the man behind the wheel was clearly masturbating in his truck. From her spot up the hill she could see right down into his truck and she had a clear view of his forearm moving up and down in his lap. She couldn't see his hand around his erection, but there was no doubt in her mind what he was doing. She was mesmerized by it. At first she was appalled that someone would do it so openly. The shock turned to something closer to curiosity as to why he was doing it in a park where there were plenty of people to see him doing it. Then she really started paying attention. She realized he kept his head and shoulders quite still, and if she couldn't see his forearm moving, she probably wouldn't know what he was doing. She also noted that all of the other cars close enough to even see the truck were smaller, so they couldn't see what he was doing in his lap. She watched him until he finished, noticing that his body did twitch a little when he came, and anyone else watching would have noticed something had happened. She couldn't imagine anyone else would have been watching though.

Ever since that first show, she had always looked for the truck when she

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