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Romancing Amandathis story is part of the FanClub (fm:romantic, 2855 words)

Author: Wolfhound7919
Added: Apr 20 2013Views / Reads: 2182 / 1325 [61%]Story vote: 9.27 (11 votes)
The story of a woman who finally gets to know true love. A highly erotic tale of lust and passion enveloped in love. Pure erotic romance.

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Romancing Amanda Chapter 1

Amanda was a very beautiful girl. Some would say she was no longer a girl because she was in her early thirties but to the man who loved her, she would always be his girl because age would never change the feelings that he had for her.

She had long dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes that sparkled when she smiled. She had soft pink lips with her bottom lip just a shade larger than the top, giving her a pouty expression if her face was neutral and not showing emotion. She had the face of an angel in her boyfriend's eyes and when she smiled his world stood still.

She was tall, standing at five foot ten inches without heels and her long legs were incredibly sexy. Her body was fit and thin and her breasts were a perfect D cup. They were large enough to draw attention, but she never really tried to show them off on purpose. They fit her frame perfectly and she was a goddess in the eyes of her man.

Amanda was wearing a lovely pink and white spring dress that was sexy but she never wore something to make people think she was indecent in any way. It had thin straps over her shoulders and a low cut V neck line. The waist was tight, flaring out a bit at the hips and the hem came down just above mid-thigh giving it a very effective, unintentional teasing effect whenever she would move. It even showed just the tiniest hint of her panty line if she bent over the wrong way. However, she was not the type of person to flash herself in public, nor was she the type to search for unwanted attention. She simply loved how the dress felt on her body and like most women, appreciated something that enhanced how pretty she naturally was.

All in all, she was beautiful also on the inside. She would help a stranger just as often as she would help a family member. If she could she would help anyone and everyone. Her beauty on the outside was as if someone got to see how kind she was in her heart, just by glancing at her for a moment. She gained attention for her looks but she didn't capitalize on the advances of men. She was oblivious to any advances by women. She had her heart set on one man. He was the only one that she would accept advances from. Accept and reciprocate those advances

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