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Author: jwdoney
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My sexy tease filled take on personal training with the potential to be a long term series depending on reader feedback. Could also be exhibitionism and sex at work.

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This is something new and completely unrelated to anything I have written or posted before. Many people touch on the workout and/or personal trainer story but I have wondered what if I added my patented tease and exposure to the mix? Let me know what you think?

Any people, places, products or events mentioned are done so without permission or endorsement.

I am 30 years old and have been a personal trainer for several years now and besides being a good income it allows me to stay fit and healthy and help others do the same. While I do have a small office and workout facility most of my clients prefer I come to their home or office, and a few prefer to meet at parks or pools. Unlike what you may think or know about personal training mostly it involves helping the client set up and maintain a solid, safe and satisfying workout routine as well as counseling about diet, exercise and relaxation. I can help someone stretch, lift weight, swim, run and I can even offer massages. The upside to all of this is except for scheduled meetings or sessions and occasional recertification's required by the State, I set my own schedule and routine.

Today I arrived at Florence's house a few minutes early and sat staring at the immense grounds. Flo's house was more like a mansion and had 8 bedrooms that I knew about, 5 bathrooms and all of her staff lived on-site. Flo had so much money that banks came to her from loans, and everytime she would tell that joke she would get a look on her face that suggested perhaps it wasn't actually a joke. Her husband Ralph was always away somewhere and her indifference told me she wasn't concerned about it. Considering that I had seen and/or met her chauffer, cook and private security man and all 3 were young, fit and good looking I was fairly certain she was fine. One reason I liked coming to Flo's house for sessions was her assistant Diane was one of the hottest women I have ever seen or met in my life and she always smiled brightly when she saw me. 5'10" tall with long smooth legs, a shapely waist and full, firm breasts topped off with long curly blonde hair, Diane seems to glide around the house. I have never had the chance to ask her out because Flo is pretty demanding of my time from the minute I arrive but based on the shared looks I am thinking she would say yes.

For a 47 year old woman with grandchildren Florence is in amazing shape

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