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Cat Got Your Tongue? And What a Lovely Tongue It Is.this story is part of the FanClub (fm:male domination, 7688 words)

Author: EroticTails Picture in profile
Added: Jun 20 2013Views / Reads: 2080 / 1028 [49%]Story vote: 9.58 (12 votes)
Who knew, as much as I love being my master's pet that I wanted a pet of my own.

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This story is written from the point of view of my real life pet, who provided the outline for the story. Entirely from her POV, I hope you enjoy her fantasy.

Dear pet: At bedtime tonight, when I laid down and closed my eyes, I felt my erection starting to swell, merely by remembering our sexual romps from earlier. Indelible was the effect of your submission and I was amazed at how quickly my cock grew solidly hot and hard with the image of your contorted face, etched with the pain I wrought upon your delicate form. Though I very much wanted to stroke myself and command a wet release, I refrained, that my juices may simmer until next we meet; feeling your energy as it courses through my veins thickly.

I was further aroused by the myriad of pictures that you sent, of your drippingly wet cunt, your reddened ass, your bite-marked tits and even your smiling face, all good and wonderfully tantalizing. Then to hear of the admission you proffered from Keri, your bestie, that she wants to be dominated by you and I... and your desire to hood her (which I know is really an extension of your desire to be hooded yourself), it gave me such a thrilling spine-tingling shudder. Sir

I smiled at my Master's words, yes, I managed to convince Keri to come to the bathroom with me today, a first, during our lunch break at the office, to take impromptu pictures of our wet cunts together. Just the thought of doing this was making me wet. Once we closed and locked the door, we both started giggling as we pulled down our scrubs and panties and positioned the camera to capture the wantonly vampy scene we created. The bathroom became quickly filled with our combined hungry, hot and horny scent, evidence of our lust and creamy arousal.

It was almost near impossible to take pictures of ourselves, contorted as we were, with our scrubs around our ankles and our panties in a state of disarray somewhere below the knees and our arms flailing about, while we tried to position ourselves optimally for the pictures Sir ordered. It took about fifteen minutes for us to finish snapping away, where I felt we had gotten what I wanted for Sir. I was about to pull up my descended attire, when unbidden, Keri reached over, to feel my slickness and even my pulsating tension. I could see her eyes were glued to my swollen prominence; mesmerized she was.

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