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Viking Funeralthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:oral sex, 5912 words)

Author: Naughty Miranda Picture in profile
Added: Oct 01 2013Views / Reads: 3466 / 2106 [61%]Story vote: 9.62 (34 votes)
Vikings loved to fuck and suck, even on the day of a funeral. A maiden prepares to "mourn" alongside them. (Includes anal and group too)

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I will be rejoining my master tonight.

The wise women tell me it was what I was born for, and I know they speak the truth.

They tell me I should not feel fear, and in that, too, they are correct.

I survey the long wooden hut where the men, my master's warriors and friends, are already deep into their cups, drinking and feasting as they prepare their personal farewells to the man who has ruled over them for the past forty winters, but who has now gone to rule among the Gods themselves.

Over there, Harald, the champion. They say he can split a skull with one blow, and a woman with one thrust. I will visit his tent first.

Over there, Buthli, the beast. Once, he tore an entire Saxon village to shreds with no weapons greater than his fist and teeth. I will visit his tent second.

And over there, Sigurd, the madman, the seer, the prophet. I will visit his tent third. And then will come the others... and there are three more of them, some whose names I have never even heard... and then they too will have their fill of me.

And I of them.

This is what I was born for, and this is how I am destined to die. Of my own free will, visiting six of my master's most devoted friends, and asking each what final gift he would have me take to his Lord. I will accept the gift, whatever it might be, and when he bows to me at the end of the offering, he will speak these words: "Tell your master that I did this because of my love for him." And I will.

I have been drinking and singing, it feels, for days. No sooner had my master closed his eyes for the last time than I stepped forward. "If it pleases my Lord, I would journey with him."

Nobody told me to, nobody asked. Nobody, I doubt, even suspected that

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