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Saskia - Ch. 3this story is part of the FanClub (fm:slut wife, 3568 words)

Author: Daveo 32
Added: Oct 03 2013Views / Reads: 2840 / 1785 [63%]Story vote: 8.83 (18 votes)
The Aftermath

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Saskia - Chapter Three


A thousand stampeding rhinos and elephants carreared through my head when my phone went off. Groggily I answered it.

"Dad," Claire began. "Can you get me as Jen and the others are going to the coast for the day. I need to be there in forty minutes!"

"OK! OK!" I managed to reply and headed out in just a few minutes. Then two hours later I was back home having done Dad's taxi service. I finally crawled into the shower and by the time I got out it was almost midday. Once I was dressed I set off to my former home.

When I got there I dialled Saskia's landline as I could not remember seeing her mobile phone in the bedroom. On the twelfth ring she answered with a less than conscious greeting.

"It's your date." I said as we had arranged to go for lunch.

"Kelvin?" She said a little more with it.

"No. Your husband. Remember me?" I tried not to be sarcastic.

"Sorry darling, I've just woken up. What time did we say?" She sounded vague.

"Well I'm almost there." I said opening the front door quietly then headed up the stairs.

"What time will you ..." She suddenly looked up as I stood in the doorway and her face was one of deep shock and embarrassment.

"Saskia!" I exclaimed in mock surprise. She tried to cover herself but I had seen it already. The laddered stockings, the cum crusted thighs, the love bites and the telltale gaping bald pussy. "You said you were going to stop seeing him, I guess you are not going to stop and by the look of it you took it further - no condoms!" Tears welled up in her eyes and I walked towards her.

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