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Bree has been planning a slow seduction of her virgin boyfriend. A vacation seems like the perfect time to put things in motion

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Boys don't like it when you're more experienced than them. At least that has been my experience. So when I fell for Luke I wasn't completely honest with him. I knew I really liked him. I also knew he was a virgin. I didn't want to scare him off. So I downplayed my own sexual experience. I told him I'd only been with one guy—which was the truth—but I didn't give much detail and I told him it was important to me that we take things slow. I wanted him to fall in love with me before we crossed that threshold.

But it wasn't easy.

We'd spend hours making out and touching one another. He was clumsy at first, but he also had a natural gift for titillating me. I'd become accustomed to regular sex with my previous boyfriend and I ached to go farther with Luke. It didn't help that I could tell he had a massive cock. I could feel it through his pants. It was much larger than anything I'd experienced and I was going out of my mind with curiosity.

His naiveté was cute and charming. Sometimes I had to stifle a giggle in those first few weeks. We'd spend hours kissing and fondling and it would be completely obvious that he was working his way up to something big. At least it must have been big in his mind. And finally he'd cup one of my breasts or run a hand up my skirt. He was so nervous when he did it. And somehow made it all hotter. Though sometimes I was tempted to act shocked and surprised, just to see how embarrassed he would become.

As summer approached I spent a lot of time masturbating. We'd spend hours making out in some secret location. He'd be rock hard just from opening a few buttons on my blouse and gazing at my cleavage and lacy bra. I'd guide his hand beneath my skirt, but he wasn't sure what to do. He never tried to breach my panties. He just rubbed my mound through the damp fabric. He never got me off, so I'd just go home frustrated.

After dark I'd be alone in my bed with my step-sister on the other side of the wall. Sometimes the hall outside the bedroom would echo with the sounds of my step-dad snoring. Other nights I'd hear old bed springs creaking and know he was fucking my mom.

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