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My Adventurous Overnight Train Ridethis story is part of the FanClub (fm:one-on-one, 5875 words) [1/2]

Author: Little tommy D.
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Steve sold his company. He grew up in a train town and decided to celebrate on the Rocky Mountaineer rail trip in Canada. He met Care not knowing she was on the trip also. For the two of them, it was far more than one trip.

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My Adventurous Overnight Train Ride

I grew up in a train town. Most of the working citizens either actually worked for the railroad or served the railroad by furnishing food, beverages, ice, fuel, and those other items to keep the trains full, efficient, and profitable. It wasn't unusual that nearly every male child in town to have a Lionel or American Flyer set-up in the family basement that featured bridges, depots, highways, miniature towns and citizens. When I settled in at college, some 210 miles from my home town, I had trouble sleeping for two months until I adjusted to the quiet nights with no trains leaving or arriving. After college, I remained in the city where it was located and became very successful as the founder, owner, CEO, and sole stockholder of a Web Design operation that moved quickly into apps when the smart phone revolution was in its early years.

I was fortunate to have been the company that developed the biggest selling app of all times and one that generated millions of dollars for the company and in turn, for me, the sole stockholder. I sold the company to a much larger social media giant for $4.7 billion--$2.7 in cash and $2 billion of their stock. I now find myself among the unemployed with lots of time on my hands searching for an adventure. I found it one evening while reading a travel magazine and knew it fit me to a tee. It would bring back the dreams I had has a younger schoolboy living in the railroad dominated town. I would make reservations on the Rocky Mountaineer Tour that runs from Vancouver to Calgary and it should keep me entertained for two entire days, a rail fans wet dream come true.

If you're not familiar with the Rocky Mountaineer's trip, I will enlighten you by telling you it runs east, and the trip is timed to give me all daylight views of the Fraser Valley and Fraser Canyon. That's important because the canyon features Hell's Gate waterfall on the Fraser River, a spectacular sight. The trip includes an overnight hotel stay in Kamloops, British Columbia. And then, on day two, additional highlights include the mountain climb over the Continental Divide to my final destination of Calgary, Alberta, the home of the world-famous Calgary Stampede rodeo. I would fly home from Calgary I forgot to mention that one of the noted scenes is the Spiral Tunnels that were dug from the walls of Cathedral Mountain and Mount Robson

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